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man peps is the cutest


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mishercollions asked: Honey, I'm having art block. What do you do when you experience a block?

Hmm it depends what you mean by art block. Is it the flow of ideas or is it you feel you can’t draw at the moment? Or something else?

Usually when I get “art block” it’s that I feel I can’t really draw. I get it really bad sometimes, but I usually just take a break for a couple hours and get back to it when I feel more calm and collected. Even if I still think it’s not turning out well, I’ll keep drawing and doodling things just to keep myself going. Anytime I get too frustrated I’ll stop and take a break again.

Same thing with ideas, but I’ll look around for inspiration while I’m taking a break. I’ll watch other people draw, or I’ll scroll through tumblr and see something cool that might inspire me to draw. When I run out of ideas I’ll go and do some studies on anatomy or draw backgrounds from reference images. Anything to keep my mind flowing and eventually I’ll produce more ideas.

JUST DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION I GUESS. I don’t like to say I have art block, because the only thing blocking me from drawing is myself at that point so it’s something you have to overcome mentally.

sicaberry asked: finally going through all the cards i picked up at Colossalcon... x3 just wanted to say your work is awesome, & i hope to see you at some other cons in the future ^^

Thank you so much! 8) I’m glad you like my stuff!!

Unfortunately the only con I can sell at right now is colossalcon, i don’t have the budget to sell at other cons because of travel expenses and the gamble of not knowing how well I would do at a table 6w6 When I become more financially stable I’ll definitely branch out though! I’d love to sell at AX one day when I get a lot better haha

dragoonage asked: hey!! sorry if this is a dumb q but i was wondering if you're currently taking commissions/pricing details?? your art is gorgeous!!

Thank you so much! They are currently closed because of such a huge back log, but I hope to open them again soon!

generalcrimson asked: Will there be another great stream today Miss Bits?

I believe so!!! Just gotta sketch out the commission first uwu

dasnymth asked: chadaru

never 5get

Anonymous asked: How long is your commission queue?

UHHH 12 sobs;; It’s difficult to say no….

so it’ll be a little while. But if I can get one done everyday I should be okay! I will have them all done before school starts though(Sept 15th).

Commission for Michelle Rojas! Thank you for commissioning me!

RIP Tablet 2012-2014

My tablet (Intuos 4) finally kicked the bucket after over 7 months of a downward spiral of it sputtering out. I have a back up tablet, my old bamboo, but the pen pressure isn’t working(trying to figure that one out) It’s working now! But I’m in desperate need of a new tablet.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I’ve been looking at Cintiq’s (HAHA DREAM ON) and looking for any sort of graphics tablet like it with being able to draw directly onto a screen. My friend has a Yiynova so I’m thinking about getting one of those, but do you have any other suggestions on tablets?